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Five Mid-Series Questions with Halos Heaven

Down 0-2 in the series, I figured, "Hey, how about I ask Rev Halofan from Halos Heaven some questions?" It seemed like a good idea at 2 a.m.

Rev's ridiculous and unfiltered answers after the jump (OK, so maybe there's a hint of sensationalism in that sentence. Sue me).

OTM: The Angels stole their first base in game two. All the experts predicted the Angels would "run wild" over the Sox. Is this somewhat a surprise, or did you expect this?

Because most analysts cannot pinpoint Mike Sciosica's managing, they find the baserunning and fixate on it. This team does not live by speed alone.

OTM: So, word on the street was that the Angels' bullpen sucked. What happened? Who lied?

It was a work in progress and Scioscia finally found the right way to tinker with it... but it is STILL a work in progress.

OTM: How good is this Angels team compared to any other postseason team in the past 10 years?

Best starters, best overall offense although with less pop than 2002 but all around situational the best, best defense, bullpen is the worst Sciosica has ever had and it is scotch taped up every night in a slightly different permutation by Scioscia.

OTM: Finish the sentence: "If the Angels lose the next three games, I, Rev HaloFan, will ________________."

Be blaming Brian Fuentes.

OTM: Predict game five. Don't hold back, either.

Against the Yankees or the Rockies?

I tried to be optimistic by asking him to predict game five. He had none of that.