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Bloody Sox Laundry 10/10 -- Feel Bad Inc.

We're down 2-0 in a best-of-5 series. Not much to feel good about, so I'll do my best to avoid being too depressing--or perhaps even relevant.


Extra Bases - Lester to Pitch if Sox Force Game 4


One has to wonder how Daisuke feels about this. One also has to wonder if anyone cares how he does.


Boston Herald - Pedroia talks Sox Fans Off of Ledge


It's hard to have any faith when you've gotta win 3 straight elimination games, but if any team can do it, '04 and '07 say it's the Sox.


38 Pitches - Curt Still Doesn't Like Bucknor


WEEI - Beckett doesn't either.

Red Sox - Francona Felled by Fish

Tito was feeling fine before tonights game, but the nausea has reportedly returned after watching Boston's offense tonight.

WEEI - Henry Tried to Acquire Beckett, Burnett for Free

That would've been a ridiculous coup. The obvious hypothetical here is "what if we still had Hanley".


SoxProspects – Winter Leagues Underway

Why do some Winter Leagues start before Fall Leagues anyways? Oh well. There's not a lot of interesting names here. Doubront is absolutely worth paying attention to though, and if Mark Wagner does well it could go a long way towards giving him a shot going into ST next year. Alvarez is also worth a look. The real meat comes in the Arizona Fall League, though, with Iglesias, Exposito, Kalish, and Richardson all participating.

Oh, and Casey Kelly too, but he's batting, so who cares?


Feel free to drop a comment with anything you find out there on the Wide World of the Web.