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Top 10 of '08, #4: ALDS Game 2 - Drew's HR sinks Angels

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I don't care what you call him, but here's some suggestions for JD Drew nicknames:

  1. Not "Nancy"
  2. "Clutch"

In Drew's two seasons as a Red Sox, the moments I remember of him always seem to be crucial home runs. His last came in game two of the ALDS against the Angels. You remember the game? Of course you do.

It started off great. The Sox exploded for four runs in the first inning. Couple that with the Sox's 4-1 victory in game one, it seemed like the Sox would soar to the ALCS. The Sox went to the ALCS, but it wasn't that easy.

After going up 5-1 after 4.5 innings, the wheels came off. Starter Daisuke Matsuzaka, Hideki Okajima and Justin Masterson all gave up runs to make it all tied at 5-5 heading into the top of the ninth.

The ship had proverabially lost all the wind in its sails.

It didn't look good for the Sox but they forgot about their ace in the hole: Mr. Clutch. With Francisco Rodriguez on the mound, the Sox had their work cut out for themselves. David Ortiz got it all started with a double to right field, promptly followed by a groundout to the shortstop by Kevin Youkilis to keep pinch-runner Coco Crisp at second. Drew just need a single to knock in Crisp, but he kicked it up a notch with a home run to deep center field. Sox win, 7-5.

Here are my thoughts after the game ended (and three great photos):

They could have just quit -- that would have been easy. They could have walked to the plate, looked at one of the best closers in the game today standing on the mound and already say the game was over. But they didn't. That's why this team is great. No matter what the circumstances, they know they can win any ballgame.

Compare this to the Angels after Drew's home run. They all looked dead in the dugout. With two outs, Howie Kendrick walked to the plate and didn't even look like he wanted to waste the energy swinging. Vladimir Guerrero sat on the bench wondering how much longer it'd be until he could wrap his knees in ice.

That isn't the Sox. The Sox wanted to win this game.

The game also included a great catch by Youkilis in the ninth where he had to lunge over the photographers' well on the third base side. Jonathan Papelbon pitched the final two innings to earn the win.

This game also catapulted extreme love between Over The Monster and the Angels blog, Halos Heaven. Every year, the love just continues to grow...