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The Jason Varitek Open Thread


Within the next 24 hours we will find out if Jason Varitek will ever be a member of the Boston Red Sox again.

He's got to make up his mind: take the $5M or see if he can get something better elsewhere. Which, you would think, he'd realize that he can't considering he's been sitting at home for so long this winter.

Here's the open thread for Jason Varitek. Love him? Then praise him. Think he's foolish? Then let us know why. It's make or break time, might as well put it all out there now.

Here's my thoughts:

Dear Jason,

I'm sorry you are a type A free agent. I know this has hurt you this offseason, but that is how the cookie crumbles. Unless you stay a free agent long enough to rid that scarlet A from your chest, you will not be signed by another team. Why don't you just accept the deal and come back and be our captain? Let your pride take a hit, punch Scott Boras in the face and let's get you in front of that microphone for your obligatory "I love Boston and its fans" speech.


This guy.