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Baseball's MVP: Dr. James Andrews

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If you have an hour or two (seriously, it's a huge read), I suggest checking out a recent article on the King Voodoo Doctor himself, Dr. James Andrews (Voodoo, of course, in a good way):

Over the grueling 162-game season, bending the arm way back and accelerating it forward, the fastest recorded human motion, is hard on shoulders and elbows. In fact, pitchers make up half of major-league rosters yet account for 7 in 10 injuries. To protect and maximize its investments, Boston has adopted a startlingly different approach. It originated off the field, 1,176 miles from Fenway Park, in the operating room of Dr. James Andrews, a groundbreaking orthopedic surgeon in Alabama. The idea is this: Prevent injuries by predicting them.

It's a very in-depth read on a person that has a huge impact in sports, but never sets foot in a uniform. Check it out.