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Indians top Sox; no clinch yet

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And we wait.

At this point it kind of seems like all we can do is hurry up and wait. After the Sox fell again, this time to the Indians 4-3, the playoffs technically still aren't there ... yet. It looks like the AL East is a distant dream but, of course, the wild card is still alive and all it will take to grab it is one dominant offensive game.

Josh Beckett wasn't even that bad last night and he is still dealt the loss. Beckett's season numbers? Not too great: 12-10 with a 4.03 ERA. Those wins/losses should be a little different, though. He's been getting very unfortunate when it comes to run support this season. In his last three games, the Sox offense has combined for six runs when he's on the mound.

The great thing about Beckett, though, is that it is almost playoff time. What do you think, is he going to carry this into the post-season? Not a chance. He is the greatest post-season pitcher in baseball today and we should see that come October.

The offense wasn't anything to rave about last night. Kevin Youkilis had three hits and David Ortiz hit his 23rd home run of the season. Not bad, but not good enough to walk away with the victory.

Tonight it's Cliff Lee vs. Tim Wakefield. It will be a tough, tough game.

All we need: one more win.