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Buchholz demoted to Portland

After another bad start, Clay Buchholz has been demoted to Portland:

Terry Francona announced after the game that Clay Buchholz, who allowed five runs over 2-1/3 innings in an 11-6 Sox loss to the Orioles was demoted to Double-A Portland to work out his pitching issues.

"I talked to Buck and we feel we need to give him a renewed start," said Francona who also indicated he thinks Buchholz, now 2-9 with a 6.75 ERA will respond.

This is sort of surprising and, at the same time, isn't. Buchholz has just been bad this year and I don't think anyone knows why. His stuff hasn't been that bad. I don't think it's an arm issue at all, but hopefully we'll find out as he works out the kinks in the minors.

No one has been promoted yet to replace Buchholz. I'd assume we could see a reliever like Hunter Jones or Chris Smith. If it's a starter, David Pauley might be on his way up.