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Massarotti joins Globe

In an interesting move and probably due to the fact Gordon Edes recently left the Globe, Tony Massarotti will join the Boston Globe full time in September:

Things just got even better for readers, who will have a new voice to turn to starting in September, when Tony Massarotti will bring his astute insight and commentary to and The Boston Globe. Massarotti has been one of the leading reporters and columnists in Boston for nearly 20 years, and has a natural love of the city, growing up in Watertown and Waltham and attending Tufts University.


For and the Globe, Massarotti will be the last man in the locker room, prying loose original information that will give readers a fresh and distinctive viewpoint of what's going on behind the scenes.

Also, it was announced Amalie Benjamin will be the Red Sox beat writer for the Globe, a position I thought she already held:

The Globe and readers also have a new Red Sox beat writer, Amalie Benjamin. Benjamin has been involved in the Red Sox beat for the last three seasons. A graduate of Northwestern University, she has also worked at the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune and the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Benjamin grew up in Newton and has been following the Red Sox since ... well, before she was born. Her mother was in labor and ready to leave for the hospital but her father wondered if he would be OK to wait until Yaz batted in the next inning before they left.

I guess she's the "big" beat writer, taking over for Edes. We shouldn't see too much of a different role with her, but we still don't know Massarotti's position. I assume he'll cover the Red Sox in some way, but that might not necessarily be true.