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Offense clicks, Dice-K blanks Rangers



It doesn't even feel fair to play the Rangers.

OK, so maybe it's not the Rangers' fault. Maybe the Red Sox are just starting to click, which is definitely something we've been looking for for the past few months. I really hope that is the reason and it's not just the Rangers. Their pitching sucks, but lets give some credit to the Sox offense, right?

Daisuke Matszuaka had a good day, but it may be a little misleading. Seven innings, six hits, no runs, five strikeouts but five walks? The walks are way too much. Dice-K needs to drop those walks and I'll claim this a great start for him.

The offense, once again, exploded in the second inning for nine runs. Dustin Pedroia and Jed Lowrie each had three hits and David Ortiz had three RBIs thanks to his 2nd inning home run.

With the Rays hurting, this is when the Sox need to make their move. Paul Byrd starts tomorrow; if he can pitch well the Sox might be looking good for this big stretch run.