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Beckett leads Sox to split



This is exactly what the Red Sox needed.

Yeah, we only split with the White Sox (it should have been better), but there was no better way to go out than with a dominating start by our true ace, Josh Beckett. He went eight innings, allowed seven hits, one run, no walks and struck out eight.

Beckett hasn't been himself this season -- we all know that. And the Red Sox, really, haven't been at their best. I really think that if Beckett continue to pitch like this, the Red Sox are going to get right back on track with him.

Imagine how hard it must be when you know your best pitcher isn't on his A-game. I'm sure it's not the best feeling, going out to play when even your best pitcher isn't at his best. As long as Beckett is pitching like this, maybe the Sox will find the same tracks he is on and follow him.

The offense tonight was great -- after the sixth inning. Kevin Youkilis broke up John Danks' no-hitter in the seventh where the Red Sox started to pour on. JD Drew followed with a double to score Youkilis and Mike Lowell and put the Sox up, 2-1. Jed Lowrie added two more with a double in the ninth and Lowrie came across the plate himself on a Jacoby Ellsbury single.

Tomorrow on the scheduler is the knuckleballer. No, not Tim Wakefield but Charlie Zink. This will be the first time the Red Sox have two knuckleballers on the same team since 1953. Zink will be really fun to watch, but since he last pitched on Friday, I'm not sure how he'll perform.