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I've seen all the diaries on the sidebar lately, and I have this to say, again:

SS:  I don't think we're going to see any changes real soon. Lugo is the starter for the time being. There are no terribly appetizing trade options, so until Lugo's OBP goes down below, say, .330, we're not going to see Lowrie brought up and given a shot. He's probably not a long-term (I'm talking years here) defensive solution at SS for anyone anyway. As much as I'd like to believe the FO will get rid of Alex Cora, they won't. He's a backup 2B and pinch-running option for the really slow players at this point. That's it. Look around, however. There's not many really good backup MI anyway, at least none that play SS well. Also, to be 100% honest about Lugo, he's seemed to have a better approach at the plate lately than Manuel, 'Tek, Coco, and Ells, whether his limited offensive skillset has helped him end up with good results or not.

C: Let's stop with the calls for much more PT for Kevin Cash. He is what he is: He's not a starting C and he never will be. However, I'll admit that the non-practical part of me would much rather see Cash with a bat in his hands 5 times a week rather than Varitek, who basically needs to be a PH only in the event that he's the last option on the bench to hit for a pitcher in any possible World Series games. I kind of hope there's some reason he can't play for a few days, just to see what Dusty Brown could possibly do against ML pitching.

P: Specifically, Tim Wakefield. I've seen some people say we need to get rid of Wakefield. Yeah. 115+ innings of a 3.75 ERA and a 1.223 WHIP is just killing us right now. And it's not like his caddy is really dragging down the collective hitting line from the C position. Justin Masterson can still be a long-term starter, but this is the right move for now, assuming he can get his walks under control. Even in a best-case scenario, Masterson is a 2 or 3 starter. Buch can be an ace, and if he has gotten his fastball working (again), then we need to see whether he can be another stopper along with Lester and Becks, and Buch should have better control than Masterson anyway.