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Game Story: Lester + Offense = Win.



In a world... turned upside down... On a team of champions... Wracked by recent defeat... One Man will step forward, to dominate! [/ dramatic music]

Okay, so maybe one baseball game in July doesn't have earth shattering repercussions. It counts just as much as any of the three we lost in Tampa Bay Petrograd Leningrad St. Petersburg. Nevertheless, it was supremely satisfying to watch the Sox: 1) break a 5-game losing streak, 2) score enough runs and not allow the pen to blow things up, and 3) crush the Yankees.

Jon Lester threw 9 innings of no-run, five hit ball. After walking two batters to lead off the first, he battled back, and stifled the once vaunted Yankee lineup for the rest of the game. As the chart above suggests, Lester and the Sox were firmly in control of the game almost from its outset. The defense turned three double plays to back him. A resurgent Red Sox offense scored 7 runs, savaging Pettitte for 6 runs in 4.2 ip.

Besides usual suspects Lowell and Drew, Lester received offensive support from some unlikely contributors. Coco Crisp and Jason Varitek both had good performances. Crisp singled twice, walked, stole a base, and scored two runs, all on his first day back from his suspension. More impressive though was Varitek, who managed an RBI single and a walk; perhaps he'll break out of his slump.

Player of the Game:



Jon Lester, on top of the world.

Comment of the Game:

"c'mon Lugo fly ball, its not that hard." - sydneysox
" worked!" - sydneysox

Finally, in honor of Captain Intangibles' clutch throw in the 1st, there is a poll to discuss all the multifarious reasons why Julio Lugo is the better player.