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Trade Deadline Open Thread

OK, I'm heading out soon but when I get back we better have Jason Bay in left field. That's all I'm saying...

Here's an open thread for everything trade deadline. Admins may update this front page with the latest Manny Ramirez and other Sox news. If we don't jump on it quick, post everything in the comments. Here a news tip? Put it in the comments.

For once in recent memory, I hope the Sox win today (and yes, I'm speaking about winning the trade deadline).

Also folks: keep your eye on SBNation's Marlins and Pirates blogs at and for more information.

UPDATE, 4:04 P.M.:
So the Bay to the Rays deal isn't official and the three-way MAY be back on. We still have some time to see if something is going to be announced...

UPDATE, 3:14 P.M. EDT: 

Allen here. The Rays may have acquired Jason Bay, beating us to the punch. This is not yet confirmed, and is not yet accepted by my mind.

UPDATE, 1:55 P.M.:
Just my thoughts here, but ... I'm going not going to be very happy if Bay ends up with the Rays because the Marlins were holding up this trade. If Bay is a Ray, we're going to have an uphill climb to try and make the playoffs. The Marlins are being pesky and demanding so much that it could screw the Sox over and make the Rays king.

UPDATE, 1:46 P.M.: Deal dead?
Jayson Stark of ESPN says the deal could be dead:

In the aftermath, the teams involved seem unsure of what happened. The Pirates are blaming the Marlins. The Marlins are blaming the Pirates. And the Red Sox aren't too happy with either of them.

Damn Marlins. Their high demands for a prospect might have ended this trade (we're not giving up Justin Masterson). Manny still could be traded, even if it's not to Florida.

UPDATE, 1:26 P.M.:
If you don't have a Baseball Prospectus subscription, it's worth the money. That's my disclaimer before I start this. Will Carroll says the Pirates "appear to be going all or nothing" with Bay. He says the framework for the trade is in place but the holdup at this point is the prospects. With teams like the Marlins and Pirates involved, prospects are always going to be a hangup.

Carroll adds that even if Manny isn't traded to the Marlins, they're still going to try and move him. The Dodgers are still in the mix and a "mystery team" have been in talks. Matt Kemp's name is still being thrown out there.

More of the same perhaps, but Ian Brown has more on a deal that definitely looks like it would be Manny to Florida, Bay to Boston and Jeremy Hermida to Pittsburgh. I'd love to get another solid prospect out of this though or a reliever that won't blow up like our last pitcher we received at the deadline from Pittsburgh (know the name Jeff Suppan?).