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Trade Almost Completed? Maybe? Maybe not?



Jason Bay, clearly contemplating a move to Boston, eh?

Great. Let's completely jump the gun anyway.

So. the possible parameters of a 3-way deal (I know, dirty):

Sox get: Bay, John Grabow

Marlins get: Manuel, CA$$$$$$H!!!! (Not Kevin)

Pirates get: $hitton of prospects. Jeremy Hermida/Josh Willingham

And of a 2-way deal with the Fish:

Sox get: Hermida/Willingham, some unagreed upon package of prospects in terms of # and type and ability.

Marlins get: CA$$$$$$$H!!!! (Not Kevin), Manuel

For the long-term, I almost want the latter. Hermida has room to improve in the power department (career .835 OPS away from spacious, in empty seats and acreage, Dolphin Stadium). Willingham is already pretty good, though he's missed time this year due to injury . Some of the prospects thrown out there are interesting as well.

If we want a great chance at winning this season, then we need the former. Bay wouldn't replace Manuel, but he'd come close, and he'd give us an improvement on the basepaths and outfield over him. John Grabow doesn't excite. Sue me.

The move (3-way) would also save us some money next season, ostensibly, as we'd be paying Bay 7.5M rather than shelling out 20M to Manuel. The Sox could try to extend Bay, or keep him as a placeholder before trying for Holliday or making another trade in the next couple seasons. I can almost get behind the Pirates deal, so long as the prospects (if any) involved on our end aren't Bowden, Masterson, Anderson, Lowrie, Bard (I really believe in him), Kalish, etc. That might be asking a lot, on my part.

I just re-read all that, and I seem so casual. In all honesty, even with his comments and behavior over the last couple weeks, this is still really difficult to talk about.