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Game Story: Salvaging Something.



Hells yes.


Lester sacked up, and it was on a night in which the Yankees rang up 9 hits against him: Sure a few were kind of squibbers so to speak, but mostly it was good hitters taking good swings at some of 'his' pitches. He still limited the Yanks to 2 runs in 7 innings of work while striking out 8. Also, he's grown 3 inches according to Orel Hershiser

There's not a day that's gone by since it happened that I haven't been pleased that Sidney Ponson is on the MFY roster. The above pictured David Ortiz hit his first HR since returning from the DL, and also added a long sac fly to RF. He looked himself, for sure.

Manuel did what Manuel does. Hitting and hitting and hitting. His near-HR that Melky Cabrera tracked down deep in the triangle looked awesome off the bat, and as often noted, would've been out in basically all parks but ours. If tonight didn't remind you that we would be a lower-performing team minus Manny Ramirez, then I don't know what will.

Good to see MDC back on the hill tonight. I was concerned his injury was going to turn out more serious than first reported. 

Player of the Game:



F' you, for thinking I wouldn't sack up and stop the skid tonight.

Comment of the Game:

If Terry wants Cora fresh, leave him on ice. -ecoli