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A long long time ago... months ago...happier times.

Manuel Aristedes "Being" Ramirez.

Players in the American League with a higher OPS (.932) this season than Manny:

Milton Bradley

Alex Rodriguez

JD Drew

This is a downish year for Manny. Despite this, he is 4th among qualified AL players in OBP + SLG. 4th among qualified AL players in OBP. Tied for 7th in HRs. We're not just going to pick up a guy like that off of the Blake Street. And speaking of that guy, as he's been mentioned as a trade target: I'm not going to look at just his career road OPS (which is truly mediocre). His road OPS THIS season is .866. His home OPS this season is 6 billion. I'd prefer more balance, myself.

Teixeira? Highest full-season OPS: 2007 between Atlanta and Texas. .963. His best season in OPS is only 31 points higher than Manuel's down year this year. 

Look. Is Manny going to bounce-back to pre-2007 levels? Not sure. But let's get one thing clear. There's not a Manny replacement out there not named Alex Rodriguez or Albert Pujols. Getting Teixeira now and shipping Manny out assumes that Youks would be capable and happy playing LF. Maybe he would. I really don't know. The point is, it's assuming a lot of things. 

This is not to say we can't trade Manny. This is not to say that some of the possible scenarios wouldn't be acceptable. But when you're thinking about us losing/trading/giving up on Manny, you have to keep all of this in mind. 



It's been a crappy weekend to be a Sox fan. First, we lose 1-0 to Joba and the mysterious head-hunting game vs. Youks. Then we lose 10-3 to Andy Pettitte with Craig Hansen trying his best Joba imitation vs. Alex Rodriguez. Your lone bright spot? That man smiling and pointing at you right above this paragraph. Chad Finn put it best a few days ago. Who can't be extremely happy this weekend, even for a few minutes between being close-gamed/called to death and being pummeled today, with #34 back at the plate for the Sox? 



Once again, Jon Lester, we look to you to wear the big pants. Don't let us down.