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Game Story: I don't like the West Coast.




Josh Beckett in control.

Team takes field in bottom of 7th.

F. Crapspackle.

You know, the way it happened is what sucked and was surprising. The fact that, despite the Sox mostly playing the Angels very well over the last few seasons, in the postseason and all, doesn't change that I never feel like we've got the upper hand going into their stadium. It might just be my memory, but I feel like they almost always take care of business against us when we're there.

Yet another day of Youks' providing the offense. 2-run jack in the 2nd. DP (2-4, BB), Drew (1-3, 2B, 2 BB), "Being" (1-3, 2B, 2 BB) all had good days at the plate as well. It simply wasn't enough. We simply have to be a little unconventional when Pawtucket Red Sox slugger David Ortiz makes it up to the big club. Drew to the leadoff spot. Let's get it done. 

Player of the Game:



Not for this, really.


I, for one, will boo most any Yankee player at any time they're not hitting or pitching in a game that could somehow have a good impact for the Sox.

I, also, am sure that Jeter heard a bit from the Fenway Faithful in 1999 at the AS Game. I hope it wasn't while he was actually on the field or hitting, but I'd have booed loudly as his introduction. The pinstripes have that effect on me.

What Paps' wife heard from MFY-fans is ridiculous. What Paps heard from MFY-fans is to be expected, and probably shouldn't be derided on its own. His words were in many instances taken as incomplete quotes for rag-selling purposes, but to say he didn't at least partially stick his foot in his mouth is a little too homerish for me.

I worry a little about Papi coming back; I'm worried about Drew's excellent on-base skills being stuck right in front of 'Tek and Crisp. thank you.

Manuel v. John Henry: Umm. F, guys. Henry was diplomatic but honest. Manuel, we should all be hoping, was referring only to LL. I'd hate to think that Henry and Theo are more duplicitous than their jobs naturally require.