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  • Lugo: We're going to miss him, believe it or not, and most of the time we won't know it when we do. He can still get to some balls that many SS in the ML don't, and that figures to be hard to notice on a game-to-game basis. I forsee Alex Cora being played far too often, as many have already pointed out. Cannot imagine a situation in which Lugo comes back and rides the bench, unless Lowrie hits about .300/.400/.500 in his absence.
  • Loved Youks' day, but how about "Being" with an excellent opposite field shot following Drew's over the monster shot? Very excellent and reassuring.
  • The team needs to be ashamed that they haven't won more of Wake's starts  lately, in just this fashion. Superb again, Wake.
  • I think Buch will be okay. Don't ask me to base that assumption upon anything specific.
  • A less vague timetable for Papi's return? I'm excited. A week before the deadline? Interesting.
  • Thanks for saving your stress-free inning this week for a blowout, Craig.
  • Any guesses as to combined # of walks in Daisuke v. Daniel Cabrera this afternoon?
  • Also. Trade proposals with the Nationals for Jon Rauch? 1.01 WHIP, 42 Ks in 46 1/3. Nationals could use long-term help at basically every position, it seems, but 3B (Zimmerman), C (Flores) and possibly dangerous malcontent (Dukes).