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Game Story: No. No Game Story.

Okay, I'll give you a game story.


We beat Felix Hernandez in Seattle with a rehabbed Bartolo Colon pitching. Tonight was ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly, market correction. If I told you a couple weeks ago that Hernandez and Colon would match up twice this season and we'd go 1-1, I think most people would take it. We fielded a lineup tonight in which, if it were possible, JD Drew should've been the 1st, 3rd, and 4th hitters. Well-played game by the M's tonight.

The Brawl:



Nothing to be proud of here, for anyone. I'm not going to speak to whether it was a bad teammate move for James Shields, but it was a poor baseball move. If the two best bullpens in the Majors combined for 7 innings they'd be likely to spring a leak. Similarly for Coco Crisp: Being is ailing, Papi is already out. We don't need anyone being suspended for 3 or 7 games. Everything people have said about Crawford or Gomes, consider it regurgitated. After Coco's misplaced takeout slide the other night, and what he said about it, Iwamura might actually have deserved to get a shot or two in at Coco

Youks v. Manny

Definitely wonder, now, exactly what Youks and Casey talked about heading back onto the field after that altercation. It seemed like Youks was asking what it was about, but if the "source" can be trusted, then he knew full well what it was about. I respect Youks' passion for the game and for performing well at all times. But even if he can't learn to let his bad at-bats go, then he needs to find different ways to get his anger out. 


Holy crap. Did not look good, though apparently the prognosis is decent.

Want something positive? Happy Manny: