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Weekend Question: Sox at the trade deadline

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I wanted to post this question later in the season, but with injuries popping up left and right, this may be a good time to pop it:

If you could make any (realistic) trade for the Sox before the trade deadline, what would it be and why?

Mull on it and reply in the comments section. I figure we can get some good, interesting responses.

I've got two: John Lackey and Omar Vizquel. It'd take a lot to get Lackey, a free agent (Angels hold an option), but he'd probably be the best arm to acquire if the Angels were to really drop out of the race (really, really drop out of the race). It'd probably take some primo prospects as well.

As for Vizquel, the Giants like him but there's always a price for an old shortstop. I think we could get a trade done if we traded a prospect like Kris Johnson plus a lower level prospect or two.