Fisticuffs Fallout

MLB suspended 5 Devil Rays and 3 Sox for the Recent Unpleasantness:

Coco Crisp: 7 games
James Shields: 6 games
Jonny Gomes: 5 games
Edwin Jackson: 5 games
Jon Lester (?!?): 5 games
Carl Crawford: 4 games
Akinori Iwamura: 3 games
Sean Casey: 3 games

I figured that Coco would go away for a while, but I'm surprised that (a) Jonny Gomes' UFC imitation didn't get more censure -particularly considering he's something of malcontent in that regard - and (b) the extent of the Lester suspension.  I guess he did plunk Iwamura and Crawford, but...

Well, but nothing, but still...*


* - maybe he was just filling his quota of non-hit bases?