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Game Story: Can you say pitching mismatch?

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You know something? Cole Hamels is a very good pitcher. This is much akin to when Colon and Felix Hernandez were matched up a little while ago. Winning this game would've been stealing one from the Phillies, and they of course have a much better offense than the Mariners. Some NL teams have really started to separate themselves lately, and the Phillies are one of them. 

Speaking of that good offense, Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard just steamrolled us today. Howard was 3/5 with 4 RBI, 2 HR, and a 3B. Rollins led off the bottom of the first with a HR and added two more hits. 

The Mike Timlin DFA Contest continued today, leading a lot of Sox fans to believe that he should be shipped...somewhere. 4 ER in 0.2 IP. Of course, all of our other relievers pitched well, reinforcing the idea that Timlin shouldn't be in games that are closer than 4-128 runs. Lopez, Aardsma, and especially Oki (Who not only looked good by the box score, but looked like he had his pitches working) combined for 3 1/3 scoreless.

J.D. Drew continued his good performance at the plate, going 1/3 with a HR and a BB. The real offensive star was DP, who went 3/4 with a HR and a 2B. Lugo was 1/2 with a 2B and a BB, and Sean Casey was 2/4 with a 2B. Manuel was...not good at the plate last night, with an 0-4, GIDP and a K.

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Yeah. It's from the Baltimore series. So what?

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I'm not sure Cora is much better at the plate than Colon. -Drugs Delaney