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Minor League Update - 6/14

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Here's a quick Minor League update for Saturday.

Lars Anderson (LAN A+)
205 pa, .317/.408/.502, 7 hr, 34 rbi

I still don't think the power is there for Lars yet, but it's getting there. I kind of have a feeling once he gets promoted to AA Portland he's going to mash the ball and still put up a similiar line, which would be nice. The day Mr. Anderson makes it to the big leagues is going to be interesting.

Michael Bowden (POR AA)
5-3, 2.30 era, 74.1 ip, 72 so, 17 bb, .179

Can you say, "stud"? That's Bowden. I don't see anything wrong with any of the numbers he has put up in Portland so far this season. By the way he's pitching, we could see him in Boston before the end of the season for a spot start or a September appearance. He could be ready for the big leagues midway through 2009 or towards the end at the earliest.

Chris Carter (PAW AAA)
250 ab, .304/.353/.5498, 14 hr, 46 rbi

Carter must have been pleased when David Ortiz went down with his injury, but Carter hasn't seen much time since then in Boston. He's a good player that's doing well at Pawtucket, so he must be hurting just sitting down there. That's what happens when the parent club is so deep and talented. He'll get his time at some point.

Josh Reddick (LAN A+)
192 ab, .333/.356/.609, 12 hr, 39 rbi

Reddick continues to pound the ball in Lancaster. However, he needs to learn how to take a walk or two. He's earned eight walks compared to 36 strikeouts. If he wants to be an every day player, he can't be Jeff Francoeur.

Jason Place (LAN A+)
239 ab, .238/.326/.439, 10 hr, 34 rbi

Dr. Jason -- please start hitting for average. You're doing everything else right, just do this one thing and we can see you in Boston soon.

Jon Still (LAN A+)
213 ab, .272/.372/.516

Still had a quick flash of power to start the season, but hasn't done much since. He's hitting .219 in June with zero home runs.