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Game Story: Colon Squeezes Out O's for 150th.

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Bartolo Colon was able to get to his 150th win against the Orioles tonight, pitching a strong game, 6 innings, 6 baserunners, 1 run and 7 strikeouts, while getting good help from the offense and the 'pen.

David Aardsma and Javier Lopez proved that, well, one or both of them should've pitched before Hideki Okajima last night. Temporarily, we should adjust the depth chart as follows: Begin Tangent

Paps, MDC, Hansen, Lopez, Aardsma, Okajima, Timlin.

If that doesn't work for you, suggest an alternate setup in the comments. We probably have to hope that Oki is able to work things out, because Hansen is still not yet an ideal setup man. I agree with ecoli in that Hansen's fastball can look flat/straight at times, though his fastball can also look Paps/MDC-like, with that good late movement. He's a bit of a mystery, but still seems more reliable to my overreacting mind than Oki. To continue this complete tangent, Bard's semi-troubles in AA are still not awful. He's got a 1.20 WHIP and 17 Ks in 13 1/3. Perhaps not the meteoric rise some idiots (read: me) thought, but we'll have to see if he can adjust a bit down there. End Tangent

Offensively? Tek lead the way with his 3-run HR, and Lowell added a solo dong in the 6th. Drew continues to take care of business in the 3-spot, with a walk and a 2B. He's now up to a .968 OPS, ladies and gents. Ells and Lugo both reached once and both stole second while out there. Youks and Lowell both walked twice apiece as well. 

Timlin, of course, came in and made things more interesting than they needed to be, with an "assist" from DP at 2b. Paps got the final out on 5 pitches for his 19th save.

Player of the Game:



Congrats on his 150th. Let's hope 175 and 200 pass just as easily as this one.

Comment of the Game:

"It's over. Congratulations to Bartolo Colon on career win #150." -Drugs Delaney

"Kudos to him. He pitched really well today." -MerryGoByeBye