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Wakefield = Awesome. Timlin = Didn't Ruin the Awesome.




I pretty accurately summed up Wake's outing in the title. Sure, the Tigers offense is struggling. But I think any time Magglio Ordonez, Miguel Cabrera, Curtis Granderson, and Carlos Guillen are limited to 1 hit in total (Granderson's was, of course, v. Timlin), most of the credit has to just go to the pitcher. Wake struck out 6 and allowed 2 hits (and no walks) over 8 IP, just to remind us all that yes, when he's on he is VERY good.

Offensively, kind of a mixed bag. The two at the top surely not Coco Crisp, Coco and DP were basically black holes. However, Kevin Cash went 3-4, Youks went 2-3 with a BB and 2 2B, and "Being" and Papi went back to back. Don't look now, but Julio Lugo's OBP is .341. Not tremendous, but is it just possible he's getting back to not making outs on a ridiculously frequent basis?

Papi's HR was a no-doubter that put an end to Nate Robertson's day. "Being"'s was to straightaway CF, and the proverbial "welcome to the big leagues" moment for Tigers' RP Freddy Dolsi. I should be more fair to Mike Timlin. He allowed the leadoff single to Granderson, but settled down and got a DP to erase Granderson, then got Carlos Guillen to flyout to LF to end the game. A decent performance, and the kind of pitch-to-contact, trust the fielders behind you kind of outing he needs to give us consistently. 

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