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Rays @ Sox. Series Finale Open Thread: 1:35 EDT

Scott Kazmir, in his season debut, faces off with:

2008 - Jon Lester 1-2 4.31 1.56 22 23

There are some who believe that Jon Lester has turned a significant corner with his last start against the Jays. Color me skeptical. I hope, like everyone else, but I'd like to see him whittle the WHIP down below 1.45 and manage a K:BB ratio better than .96:1 before I jump on that particular bandwagon.

As noted by nuthinboutnuthin, Brandon Moss had an appendectomy last night. Wikipedia says days to weeks as the recovery time. Here's hoping it's the former.

I'm writing this lateish, my time, so in lieu of lineups, how about a short rundown of our top MiL performers?

Hitters: (.BA/.OBP/.SLG)

George Kottaras, C, AAA (.258/.365/.526)

Ryan Khoury, 2B/SS/3B, AA (.271/.376/.447)

Jon Still, 1B/C/DH, A+ (.306/.387/.565)

Lars Anderson, 1B, A+ (.276/.372/.505)

Che-Hsuan Lin, CF, A (.279/.385/.378) (also, 11 SB)

Pitchers: (ERA/WHIP/K per IP)

Craig Hansen, RP, AAA (1.62/.66/1.02)

Michael Bowden, SP, AA (3.26/1.19/1.15)

Justin Masterson, SP, AA (2.42/1.21/1.25)

Felix Doubront, SP, A (0.87/.92/1.16)

Daniel Bard, RP, A (0.00/.60/1.6) (20 IP in relief)