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Can I be upset? We wasted a great start from Wakefield, a guy who is known for being a bit up-and-down. Credit to Bedard, who pitched extremely well, but we need to win all the Wake gems, and some of those in which he's not so excellent.

"Being" did not hit #500. 8 baserunners, an Ells stolen base, and a "clutch" GIDP from Sean Casey. I'm also going to throw out a bit of credit to JD Drew, came off the bench and managed a BB in place of Kevin Cash, who was not exactly the offensive beast he's been most of the season. Blah. Ugh. Celtics won, but I'm still kind of upset.

Player of the Game:



For anyone who watched the Celtics, know that I pondered putting Kendrick Perkins's picture up there.

Comment of the Game:

I wonder [if] Beane was being honest about Tacoboy: "without doubt the best defensive center fielder in the game today" or if he's trying to talk up Ellsbury so he can steal Coco - tommy

I wanted to bring this one up for two reasons. 1. Thanks to tommy for throwing up the thread. 2. I actually think Beane is being completely honest, at least from his standpoint, though I would think either Ichiro or Curtis Granderson would have solid arguments given that they have vastly superior arms and similar range. But I don't think Beane is after Coco. He's young and underappreciated, which would make him right up Beane's alley, but he's not exactly low-cost. Think about it. Is he really signed that cheaply? At any rate, I doubt the Sox are/going to be asking for that much in return anyway. I don't know. This is getting a bit long on that one piece, but I'll just leave it at this: I believe Beane, and hope this reminds everyone of what I've been saying for awhile: Ellsbury might even make us forget about Coco's defense.