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Red Sox to Sarasota for spring training?

According to the Herald Tribune, people in Sarasota, Fla. are planning to build a $70 million spring training park to lure the Red Sox to move in:

SARASOTA — A $70 million stadium with 12,000 seats is being dangled in front of the Boston Red Sox to lure them here for spring training.

Industry watchers say it would be the most expensive spring training facility ever built in Florida, one on par with the bigger stadiums being used to woo teams to Arizona.


The plan has early support from both the city and the county, as well as Sarasota's lead tourism booster.

"The initial response is that the Red Sox would bring more of an impact," said Virginia Haley, president of the Sarasota Convention & Visitors Bureau. "So it seems like there would be more consideration for the Red Sox than other baseball teams or a different entertainment venue."

The stadium would have 10,000 stadium seats, party decks along both the first base and third base lines, and berm seating. The cost estimate includes furniture and equipment for the Red Sox clubhouse and locker rooms.

It's quite a strong proposal if Sarasota decides to go through with it. The Sox already sell out in spring training, add a beautiful, brand new park to the discussion with more seats and the Sox will be rolling in the dough. We know the Sox like their moolah, so I wouldn't see much holding them back to stay in Ft. Myers.

Thoughts from Red Sox Nation?