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Sox sweep Brew Crew in double header

(First, apologies for not being around much the last ... ooh, month? I finished off the single hardest semester of school in my life in April and this week I started my new job as a sports writer at a newspaper in New Hampshire. It's been a time consuming job to say the least. But I am trying harder to make time for the greatest Red Sox blog in the planet. Luckily, in my absence, Allen & Crew (c) have filled in beautifully. Thank you, gentlemen.)

We really, really need that.

And this.

Wins. Wins. Wins. Two, actually. Dice-K pitched fantastic in the first game to the tune of 6.2 innings, no earned runs, two walks and six strikeouts. Yeah, I'll take that out of Mr. Matsuzaka. He pushed his record to 7-0. I smell All-Star game for our baby-faced perfect pitcher.

Offensively in the first game, David Ortiz smacked his eighth dinger of the year that resulted in three runs. Jacoby Ellsbury, Jason Varitek and Sean Casey all had two hits in the game.

Manny D pitched well in relief (1.1 IP, 1 H) and Jonathan Papelbon earned the save, even though he did give up a solo home run.

Speaking of Papelbon, he's been struggling lately. We all know that. I think it all goes back to the Julio Lugo fumble that blew a save for Paps. I think he's still focused on that and just hasn't gotten away from it. Once Paps stands back, lets everything go and just chucks the ball, he'll be fine.

Mike Lowell was the star in the second game. He had a two-RBI double in the first inning and then hit a two-run home run to make the Sox's lead 4-0.

The pitching was a different story. If you didn't see the game, the best pitcher of the night was actually MIKE TIMLIN. Yes, bold and capitalized. Timlin, the last available pitcher in the pen for the Sox, pitched a perfect ninth for the save. The comments by OTM reader MerryGoByeBye in order:

No. 1: You're fucking kidding, right? TIMLIN with the save?
No. 2: If he blows the save, It’ll be bad for us, and mainly for him!
(Timlin earns the save)
No. 3: I'm very sorry, Timlin. 8 pitch save? Welcome back, man…

Every member of Red Sox Nation was in the same boat, I think. But he got the job done and that's all that matters.

Dice-K in game one and Lowell in game two. Both were extremely studly today.

This picture is just awesome:


Sox finish the series with the Brewers at 1:35 p.m. tomorrow.