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Game Story: Blah. Blah. No. F. No.

The Catch:

For baseball fans all over, this should make one recall Willie Mays and his over-the-shoulder catch. For non-Patriot/Giant football fans, you might think of Joe Montana - Dwight Clark. For Patriot/Giant football fans, probably David Tyree('s helmet). For Sox fans, and maybe O's fans, there's a new contender for the term. 

I wouldn't do it justice with a description. It's currently the frontpage video on, and should probably remain there all season. Just fantastic. One of many moments that make you realize how lucky we are to have Manny in Boston. He'll rightfully have his Gold Glove any day now. 


Unfortunately, that's about the total of awesome to come out of this short trip to Baltimore. I can take two losses in their park. But to have the last one come on the bat of Jay Payton would make even Coco Crisp vomit (more). 

Nice to see Jonathan Van Every make his ML-debut, though him having a decent arm, at least, would seem to beg a move of Ells back to CF and Van Every in RF. Not the case, though the Sox might've been trying to make Van Every feel more comfortable; all 38 of his games @ Pawtucket were in CF. Also good for him to get his first ML-hit out of the way.

Jon Lester was good. 7 baserunners and 4 Ks in 6 innings. I'll take that from him every time out. 

J-Lo was also good. Why he wasn't allowed to face Quiroz after getting what should have been an inning-ending GB from Freddie Bynum I'll never know. Should've been all kinds of confidence in him at that point, and I don't think Quiroz should ever be the kind of hitter you adjust your pitching to (though he did well today, no doubt). It'd be like a team bringing in a lefty specialist to face Alex Cora. ...WHY? Nonetheless, Craig Hansen has no excuse, and Okajima doesn't need to inherit runners for awhile. 


4: Blown saves for Oki, at the 1/4 mark (give or take) of the season, HRs for 'Tek and Lowell. DPs hit into by the Sox today.

14: Youks' 2Bs. 

15: Ells' SBs, 'Tek RsBI



Manny Ramirez is about entertainment, baby.