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Game Story: Pfffftttttt....

Yeah. I dunno. So that sucked. We're so spoiled by the likes of Becks and Paps. Did anyone have any doubt, at all, that after the ball-busting loss that was Wednesday's game in Detroit, that Josh Beckett had a little something for the Tigers to chew on for Thursday? And guess what? He did.

Tonight, we entered the 9th with a one-run lead, and was there a doubt in anyone's mind that only Julio Lugo was capable of preventing Paps from getting his 11th save of the season? And yet, this is what reminds us to enjoy the good times. Paps didn't have it, mentally as well as physically, and the Twins used that combination quite effectively to engineer a walk-off win. I'm not going to get into the specifics. Suffice to say, it was not a good night to be a Sox fan. 

Also, I apologize. I'll take responsibility for a thread not being up tonight, and you can rest assured there will be one ready for tomorrow, though probably once again sans lineups. So, I'll take blame of the game with Paps.

But y'know what? Let's talk positive for a bit. Lowell and Papi are back, ladies and gentlemen. Lowell, in particular, seems intent on proving me wrong that we'll be getting '06 Lowell this season. He wants to repeat last season instead. All right. *shrugs* I'll take it. KY continues to take care of business, ditto Tacoby. 

Tomorrow? Daisuke v. Glen Perkins. Am I being too optimistic when I say that all I'm hoping for is < 8 walks?



Oki did more than his job tonight. Kudos to him, even if it ended up being in a losing effort.