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Another Night of Soccer. Brought to you by the Jays and the Sox.




I don't even know what to say at this point. The Jays and the Sox have the best pitching since the I didn't care about actually looking that up. The Jays and the Sox also have the worst offenses, from the same timespan. There's no way to tell which statement is more true less false. Was Daisuke just good, or was he helped by a Jays' offense seemingly committed to ineptitude? Dustin McGowan, same question kind of.

Offense included a solo Papi HR, an attempt at a walkoff single by Brandon Moss, and a real walkoff single by Kevin Cash Jason Varitek. 35-almost-36 year old "Being" is apparently faster than our young non-DP middle infielder. WTF is that about, right?

Maybe this is just how we're going to do it from now on. And Paps will make a bid for 30 wins.

Player of the Game:


Kidding. I just really liked this picture. Here he is:



Comment ...Sequence of the Game:

When you walk Julio Lugo, there's something very wrong with you, and you should have your (ed: expletive) sent to AA in the morning. -MerryGoByeBye

...on 5 pitches, no less - BoSox415

Before yesterday, I would have bragged that Lester would have done it 20% more efficiently. -nuthinboutnuthin