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The Answers To Your Questions

Oh-my-god! I nearly fainted when I walked into the Red Sox Clubhouse! That place is huge! I’ll try to get some pictures for you guys, but that might be kind of hard. Security is tight in that place, as you can imagine!

 I got a chance to talk to quite a few players, and really enjoyed it. I only asked 5 of the questions you guys submitted but I promise to those who didn't get their question answered, I will answer them the next time I ask for questions to ask Red Sox players and personnel.

The press didn't get much time to talk to Theo but I did manage to ask him one question. So, without further ado, here are the answers to some of the questions the community of Over The Monster asked the Red Sox players.


Do you think that Cash is going to be able to handle your knuckler with the same poise that 'Belli did in years past?

"I have been working with Kevin a lot lately and I feel extremely comfortable with him behind the plate. I definitely think he can control my knuckleball".

Has Papelbon's spanish improved at all since you completely butchered the language in that one commercial?

"(Laughs). I really don't like to think about that but, yes I actually have been working on my Spanish".

What does Papi think of Manny this year?

"Three letters: M-V-P".

Where in their travels have Daisuke and Hideki enjoyed the most not including Boston and New York?

(They answered this question together). "We really enjoyed going to Toronto and taking a psecial trip up to Niagra to see the Niagra Falls. They were amazing".

If Buchholz does not work out, and with Schill out, are there any plans to trade for a big-name starter?

"We feel that Bucholz will be able to hold the 5th Starter job for us until Curt is healthy enough to return. Curt is making great strides in rehab and we are very excited for his return".


I'm currently working on my first article for the newspaper while I am typing this up. If you guys want, I could post it here for you guys to read sometime tomorrow. It's up to you.