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Game 7 Recap: Red Sox @ Blue Jays




Swept. The Red Sox lost their 3rd straight against our division rivals. Headlines this morning read along the lines of "Beckett Shelled", but that doesn't tell the whole story.  Beckett went 4.2 innings, whiffed 6, and walked 4. His only real gaff was giving up a two-run moon shot to Vernon Wells on a middle-out curve that didn't break well. Thank Delcarmen for coughing up a grand slam to the Big Hurt on the first pitch.

The good news is that Beckett's velocity was good and he felt healthy before and after the game. Tacoby and 'Tek hit HRs for the good guys in the losing effort.

Come home and get some rest, boys.

Player of the Game:



Credit Frank Thomas for mashing a bases-loaded home run that put the game out of reach for the Red Sox.

Comment of the Game:

"Well, that was a crap weekend" -- tommy.otm


Red Sox record: 3-4