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Game 5/6 Recap: Two Pissed Off.


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I forgot how much harder these are to write when we lose, after the positive-fest that was Game 4. Sure, we had missed opportunities, but we cashed in later, and Jon Lester was pretty good. Not going to gloss anything over. We haven't played well. Some of the defense thusfar in the series has been questionable at best, on our part. Despite the negative things I might say about us, have to give the lion's share of the credit to the Jays. They've played excellent ball thusfar. I have a feeling, after two straight team losses, that Becks is going to force them to play really well if they want to win tomorrow.

Game 5 Summary:

Wake was solid. Solidly mediocre. We didn't lose because of him, but he wasn't a huge help. It wasn't really until the 6th inning that he got into trouble, but the wheels kind of fell off at that point, with the Jays scoring 3. Surprisingly enough, the Sox answered back on a David Ortiz Manny Ramirez J.D. Drew 3-run HR. My apologies for the mistakes, it just took a couple of times to reconcile that he was the one who came through for us. Thankfully for the Jays, none of Aardsma, Lopez, or MDC had it going, and the trio would combine to allow 3 more runs to make the final score 6-3.

Game 6 Summary:

If you think Game 5 was not enjoyable, you should have seen Game 6. Buch pitched pretty well. Not great, but good enough for his first ML start of the season. 8 baserunners in 5 innings, 7 Ks, and 7 groundouts vs. 0 flyouts. The 3 (earned) runs, plus one unearned, he allowed were enough to give the Jays the win (and Buch the loss), though they certainly didn't stop there. The Sox middle relief this afternoon:

Or, if you prefer, "not good". Kyle Snyder and Bryan Corey "combined" for 2 outs and 6 earned runs. After those two put the game out of reach, Batshit McCracken was able to come in, stop the bleeding, and ensure the game would be a complete embarrassment rather than a complete and total embarrassment.

On the offensive side of the game, we were able to manage 12 baserunners while plating a grand total of two. DP went 2-4 with a BB, JD Drew went 2-4 with a 2B, with both "Being" and Mayor McSpeed knocking in runs.

Player of the Games:


Drew made this decision easy. He was the strongest offensive cog in both games, and none of the pitchers save McCracken warranted much consideration. Nonetheless, nice to see Drewlicious showing the ability to come up with important hits.

Comments of the Games:

i love baseball - Classic JD. He makes you think he has no chance of doing anything, and then.... Boom -Tippecanoe