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Off-day Thoughts.

  • This whole thing with Crisp-Ellsbury is going to come to a head in the next couple weeks. Someone (pick one) is going to get more vocal about it than they should be, or Coco's lesser hitting abilities are going to be clear enough that he'll begin starting only once a week.
  • This one's old to the point of being stale, but the whole "collusion" thing with Bonds was ridiculous. What employer wouldn't hold back on making someone an offer if there was a chance they were going to jail? I'm not saying Bonds is or should be going to jail. There's also nothing wrong with taking character into consideration when thinking about employing someone either.
  • I guess that's it for those Tigers win the WS hopes, eh? Just kidding. It's still a good team, but I hope that their 0-3 start to the Royals (SSS, of course) has at least reminded everyone that there is no sure thing. Jason Grilli, btw, would be one of my last choices to come in and pitch ever with runners on base.
  • Anyone else seen Kosuke Fukodome play yet? He's everything we thought/wanted J.D. Drew to be. Now all we have to figure out is whether Drew can play like that.
  • Hawk attacks at Fenway. I do not mean Andre Dawson
  • Mike Hampton was scratched from his first scheduled big-league start since the Colt 45s were still paying his contract. Consider me the most surprised man in America. He was my NL Cy Young pick, due to in part to the 230 innings I projected for him. ...sigh.
  • Speaking of picks
    • AL MVP: A-Rod. I hate it. Don't we all.
    • AL CY: Erik Bedard. I'm a believer.
    • AL RoY: Jacoby Ellsbury. I'll go with the homer choice here. If he pushes aside Coco's "bat" gets enough playing time.
    • NL MVP: David Wright. And both MVPs going to NY 3B.
    • NL CY: Brandon Webb. Don't ask me for logic in taking him over Peavy or Santana. I don't have any to offer.
    • NL RoY: Kosuke Fukodome. He's going to be as far ahead of the pack as Ichiro was when he won it.
  • That's it. You. Me. Sox. Jays. Tomorrow. Night. Period