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Another Wasted Start? Kind of.




All right. It wasn't really wasted. But when your up-again, down-again young LHSP puts together his best start in the history of ever, it'd be nice for him to get a W to go along with it. Instead, Paps (who started off the 9th as well as ever, then needed a bit of DP help to avoid damage from a 2-out 2B off the bat of Scott Rolen.) got the win by throwing one scoreless inning in relief.

The offense is still woeful. Only Youks had a positive WPA out of the Sox hitters last night, and losing JD Drew for however long that might be certainly won't help matters. It's a chore watching Coco leadoff, btw, even if it's not as difficult to watch him at the plate in general thusfar in the season. 

Lester, however, went toe-to-toe with CG artist Roy Halladay and emerged the victor no decisioner. Lester was uncommonly efficient, still allowing 4 walks in his 8 innings, but seemed to buckle down after each walk, and was certainly aided by inducing a number of ground ball outs. He also struck out 6, and finished his 8 innings with less than 100 pitches (97). Like Buch, we'll just have to see if some of this carries over to his next couple starts before making any kind of long-term judgments.

Player of the Game: Vernon Wells



Comment of the Game:

At this point, I'll take a 1-0 win as long as it's the home team winning. -DJDP23's