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Game 4 Recap: Sox @ A's


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Sox traded non-blows with the A's until the 7th. The Sox loaded the bases with no outs in the first, and in a combined effort to make my blood pressure reach critical, scored a total of zero runs. Have to give some of the credit there to Rich Harden for settling down and getting out of the jam unscathed. However, it doesn't stop "Being", Lowell, and Drew from being "on-notice".

The Sox also loaded the bases and came up empty in the 6th. I, happily, had lost my wireless connection on campus by this time, and had to turn my attention to the class I was in. Perhaps, due to me not being able to watch anymore, the Sox pushed to win the game for a pretty good Jon Lester. A 2B for Youks was followed by a collective sigh of relief HR by David Ortiz, giving the Sox a 2-0 lead that was barely threatened the rest of the way. The Sox would add two more in the 8th on RBI singles from DP and Youks, while 'Tek would hit his first second HR of the season to make the final score 5-0. Bryan Corey and MDC combined to shut the A's out in the final 2 1/3.

Player of the Game:


C'mon, why not? Lester pitched well enough for the win yesterday, and I'm very pleased the Sox were able to get it for him. Aren't you? Yeah, his control could've been better, and with that in mind, here is the:

Comment of the Game:

"Jon Lester's arsenal includes the cutter, the curve and the four-pitch walk." -britsoxfan