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Recap Two-Pack.





Gabbard v. Buchholz

In the battle of former semi-prospect and current uber-prospect, injury won. Gabbard was unable to go beyond the second inning due to injury, and Dustin Nippert took over. Fortunately for the Sox, and not so much for the Rangers. The offense was led by DP (2-5, 2B, 2 RsBI), Julio Lugo (not kidding, 4-4, 2B, SB, 2 R, RBI, BB) and Tacoby (2-4, 2 SB, BB, 2 R). Buch was shaky early, but settled down well, striking out 6 in 6 while allowing 7 baserunners. The Sox bullpen (Aardsma, J-Lo, and MDC) was not terrific.

All I do really well is not walk people Jered Weaver v. Beckett Pauley

You know what? I'm not upset that David Pauley was, shall we say, not good yesterday. Part of it is the great team win that resulted, but a bigger part is that it was a fairly unfair situation. He didn't know what he was doing, then was told at 2 he would not be pitching, then was told at 4 that he would be pitching. Thankfully, the 'pen was mostly able to keep the Rangers from scoring (with the only blip being a solo HR off the bat of Casey Kotchman). Kudos, in particular, to Paps who lit up the radar gun on the way to an 11-pitch, 2 K, 1-2-3 9th inning. Offensively, this game belonged to DP. There was much moaning in the thread about a baserunning gaffe, but he made up for it by going 4-5 on the day, with 3 2B and a SB!. Tacoby also helped "a little" by hitting his 2nd and 3rd HRs of the season, and getting the bunt single that led to him scoring the winning run. The Sox managed 16 hits in total, with 7 (4 2B, 3 HR) going for extra bases. 

Players of the Gamez:




Clay's 6 shutout innings were just what we (and he) needed on Monday. DP just absolutely rocked the house on Tuesday, narrowly edging out Tacoby.

Commentz of the Gamez:

Don't worry. The Rangers just misplayed Lugo's double play ball for a single up the middle. - ecoli

It's not Lugo. It's an alien using his body. There, I said it. - merrygobyebye