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Just What We Needed to See. (Game Recap, of sorts.)



I will remain calm. I will trust in David Ortiz at all times. 

I will remain calm. I will trust in David Ortiz at all times.

I will remain calm. I will trust in David Ortiz at all times.


"Everything's groovy."

Y'know, it's amazing what an opposite-field HR at Fenway Park will do for people. I was having a not-great night at work, and Baseball Tonight comes on the big-screen, and there's David at the plate, with runners on base. He popped up got a big hit, and I have to admit to immediately thinking that it was a replay from last season or something. Nope. Current. Tonight. Sweetness. Still got a long way to go before he, I, or us will feel completely comfortable, I imagine. 

Daisuke should watch more Beckett starts. His start would've been pretty good if he had allowed himself to pitch a little longer. The 2008 Red Sox middle relief was up to the task, after Daisuke exited, with J-Lo, Aardsma, and Timlin picking up where he left off.

Jed Lowrie is doing his best to force the Sox into a tough decision, eh? Yeah, it probably won't happen, but I have to imagine several more 2-3, 2B, SF-type performances will make the FO think long and hard about who plays SS in Boston. At the very least, I think the Sox will be less likely to overwork Youks while Lowell is out.

Player of the Game:


Comment of the Game:

I've got an idea. Why don't you stop panicking? -RickD

Grand Salami, eh? And Allen was ready to put Papi out to pasture -tommy

...I stand corrected. And apologize for the lack of gamethread. My fault completely, as Randy is enjoying a well-deserved vacation.