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I'm insane?

All right. I've got kind of a radical idea, but not, about this David Ortiz situation.

DL him. 15 days. Call it his knee, it's believable. No team in the history of the universe of ever of all-time has ever been completely honest about the DL. Hell. It might BE honest to list him "15 day-DL, knee". He's gotten into a funk, and I'm not on the "work through it" bandwagon. I think he needs a decent-sized mental rest, followed by some intense sessions with Magadan about his stance and how he's not able to do anything with pitches on the outside part of the plate.

Bring up Brandon Moss, and rotate Manny to DH for most of the games, with possibly Drew and Youks getting a game or two apiece as well. Think about how good a defensive OF (especially in non-Fenway parks) we'd have with Moss-Coco/Ells-Drew, all while Papi is getting his head straight. This isn't the kind of guy for whom this would hurt his confidence. He's not fragile in that department, but I think he might be overthinking himself at the plate. Get it done. Agree? Disagree?