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The J-Lo and MDC Show.




Let's get this out of the way first. Daisuke was not sharp. Walks. Hits. Runs. Only 2 Ks, but like 8,569 pitches to get through five innings. He gave way to David Aardsma, who was ultimately capable of getting six outs to bridge the gap to Oki/Paps Timlin/MDC despite being a student of the Matsuzaka-Lester Institute of First-Pitch Strikes. The Timlin half of tonight's original equation was crap. All there is to it. Didn't have it, and the Yankees just jumped all over him. It was looking grim, my friends. However, Javier Lopez shathebed was able to come in, get a double play ball as well as another groundout to escape the inning with the Sox only having given back one run. J-Lo retired Abreu in the 9th, then gave way to MDC, who had a bit of a Papelbon-vibe going on from the get-go. He got A-Rod to strikeout and Matsui to groundout to end the game.

Offense? Yeah, we got that too. 'Tek was the only Sox hitter not to reach base. Stolen bases from Coco (2), Tacoby, and DP. Both Tacoby and Youks knocked in two runs apiece, while Drew and "Being" each scored twice. It was the usual, I guess. Sox stringing together the walks and hits, with patience and good execution at the plate and on the basepaths (am I forgetting DP something?)

Player of the Game:



Highest WPA? Most clutchiest grittiest gameriest performance? Both, my friends. It's J-Lo tonight.

Comment of the Game:

Speed can really make things happen. I never really grasped that idea, growing up with Wade Boggs' Red Sox. - tommy

Too true, tommy