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With Lowell out, what should we expect?


The 2007 World Series MVP is on the shelf for a little bit. He was placed on the 15-day disabled list before last night's game prompting the Sox to call up prospect Jed Lowrie from Pawtucket. With that, how's this Sox lineup supposed to shake out?

The Red Sox have veteran Sean Casey on the bench for these type of situations. With the mobile Kevin Youkilis able to shift over to third base, it seems like a no-brainer to just slide Casey into the lineup. But does anyone else feel like we need to give Lowrie the bulk of the playing time with Lowell is on the disabled list?

We know what Casey can do; he doesn't need to prove anything to Sox fans or baseball fans. Lowrie, though, has a prime opportunity right now to get his name out there and make a big splash.

If we look at this position-by-position, I'd take Lowrie defensively over Youkilis at third base. Youkilis is a great gloveman but he is much more valuable at first base than at third base. Youk can play third, but we know his specialty is digging the balls at first. If we had the luxury, I'd never move him from first base ... ever (Remember the outfield fiasco awhile back? That was ugly).

Lowrie has range at third base. He's actually a middle infielder (shortstop, second -- choose your poison) with a pretty strong cannon for a little guy. I have no doubts he could be a successful third baseman at the major league level.

At first, Youkilis wins the job defensively hands-down. Casey isn't a slacker over there, but c'mon -- we all know Youk is the best of the best at first base. If we have the best of the best, we need that guy to actually be there, too.

The issue comes down to offensive production. Casey has a long career behind him of solid production for MLB teams. Lowrie, not. But like rookies before him, Lowrie could come up and set the world on fire. And if it's only for 15 days then I think the rook can do it. Even if he doesn't go on a 15-game hitting streak after his callup, I want to see what he can do in Fenway Park and other big boy ballparks.

I cast my vote for Lowrie at third base and Youkilis at first base until Lowell is healthy enough to come back. Do I hear a second?