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Game 10 Recap: .083. We'll keep you updated.




You know, it's tough to start a long winning streak. Have to give credit: Nate Robertson was excellent through the first 3. He mowed down the Sox, and racked up the strikeouts in the process. Made the Sox look silly, and not just David Ortiz. Wake was not so much in control. He was wild from the get-go, and never really got it under control. He needed 108 pitches to get through 5 innings, and we're probably pretty lucky he didn't need more.

The Tigers scored 2 in the 4th, and it felt over, at least for me. The Sox had looked...impotent in the first few innings and I wasn't sure the situation was going to get better. One man decided he'd had enough. Who decided that? You guessed it. Frank Stallone. J.D. Drew. Drew knocked in the first run, and scored the third on the way to a four-run 4th inning. 

After a scoreless 5th and 6th from both teams, the Tigers got a solo HR from Magglio Ordonez to make the score 4-3.  One-run games are annoying, just as a side note. Apparently the Sox agree with me, as Manny Ramirez ended up in an epic battle with Zach Miner after both DP and Papi reached on walks. "Being" won, of course, and knocked both in with a 2B. 6-3. If you can believe it, J.D. Drew ended up being in the middle of another Sox rally, getting the intentional respect walk, and scored on a Mayor McSpeed single, along with Tacoby Bellsbury. 8-3.

Comfortable, right? A four-run lead? Excellent. No. Not really. In comes Julian Tavarez to make his best attempt at ruining your evening. Two truckfuls of napalm and a six-three Julio Lugo double play later, and the score was 8-6 and the Sox needed Paps to come in and save the day. Thankfully, he brought his kick A game and got down to business. But the Sox, it seemed, were still not comfortable.

The 9th 8th inning saw Tigers' manager Jim Leyland call upon Yorman Bazardo, who gave his best effort at not being outcrappitched by Julian Tavarez. Thankfully for us, he succeeded. Youks (2), Drew, and McSpeed all knocked in runs in the 9th to make the final 12-6. Paps threw a more interesting 9th than usual, but brought us home happy all the same. .500 again!

Player of the Game:



The player of the game is Drew. The picture's not from today, but I really enjoyed this one from the home opener with him brushing off "Being"'s uniform. 

Comment of the Game:

He's a knuckle-newbie - It's gotta be one of Cabrera's first - if not the first - appearance against Wake. -soxaholic