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Game 9 Recap: Their first, our fifth.




Ugh. Just ugh. I mean, you hate to see a team like the Tigers (save for Gary Sheffield himself) go on such an extended losing streak to begin the season. Gary Sheffield needs to find a way to lose all of his games this season, but it's okay with me if the Tigers make the playoffs.

However, if I were the Tigers, I would consider myself still worried. With 9 baserunners over 5 innings, Jeremy Bonderman actually had a higher WHIP than your own Jon Lester with the same while recording one more out. 

The problem for the offense, of course, was extra and wasted outs. Two CSs, and four DPs. Sean "Mayor McSpeed" Casey, Manuel "Being" Ramirez, and Julio "Are you seriously PHing for me after a 2-3 game" Lugo all had two hits apiece. The 1-3 slots in the order went a combined 0-12 with 2 BBs (both Pedroia's). 

On the pitching side, Jon Lester was not in control, of the game or of his pitches. 4 walks is not progress. In the battle for "don't get DFA'd for Mike Timlin", David Aardsma would seem to be in the lead over Bryan Corey

On the Tigers' side, Edgar Renteria came back to haunt us, in person, and not even polite enough to do so as a ghost. 3-4, 2 2B, 2 R and 2 RsBI. Carlos Guillen also had a decent day at the plate, scoring 3 and hitting a solo HR off of Javier "No LHHs please" Lopez

Player of the Game:



Yeah. Unfortunately it's the guy on the left, Renteria and not Youks.

Comment of the Game:

You wonder if Lester is aware that he doesn't really get hit that hard. It's when he walks someone, and someone else, and someone else, that things start to get bad. -soxaholic

...oh yeah. We F'n lost Mike Lowell, at least for awhile.