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Monday Sox Scoop: Sox youngsters iffy, Papelbon contract-seeking

A disappointing loss for the Red Sox yesterday but let's all just remember that it's still spring training. Everyone needs time to work out the off-season kinks.

Which reminds me: anyone want to place bets on who will be the first Sox player to be sent to minor league camp? My vote is for Argenis Diaz for no real reason at all.

Sox schedule for today: "A" game against the Marlins and a "B" game against our friendly rivals the Twins.

  • They key to yesterday's 8-2 Red Sox loss revolved around two young pitchers, Clay Buchholz and Craig Hansen, who just didn't pitch up to standards. Terry Francona blames it on a lack of command. I think both guys just need to keep throwing and their results will improve pretty quickly. I'm not too worried at this point, but four-run innings do have an ugly ring to them.
  • Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon is still looking for a contract. The ProJo's Sean McAdam notes Papelbon is fully tuned-in to the whole process. Papelbon knows what he's worth and said: "I can't sell myself short." This happens every year to a lot of players. Whatever the Sox need to do, do it. I'm sure it won't be long though before Papelbon gets his long-term contract he's seeking.
  • As the Herald notes, the Red Sox's "A-Team" (I love that show) heads to Jupiter, Fla. to play the Marlins today but more important matters are happening back at camp. Bartolo Colon will throw off the mound for the first time today, which was originally scheduled for tomorrow. Also, Josh Beckett will pitch in a "B" game for the Sox against, who else, the Twins.
  • If you haven't heard about the Red Sox's "Dancing with the All-Stars", then shame on you. Content warning: if you don't want to see a scrawny, awkward looking man hop around with "Daddy" written in glitter on his chest then I advise you to look away.
  • That's all for me this early morning. If you have more to add, drop it into the comments for everyone to check out.