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OTM Season Preview now available for download

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Some readers of Over The Monster knew two big things were coming. The first is the radical new re-design. That's an obvious first change and it'll be fun toying with the new system over the course of the season.

The second is a big project Allen and myself have been working on. We decided not too long ago to create a downloaded season preview that breaks down more than 50 Red Sox players for the upcoming season. It doesn't seem like much, but trust me: this thing was a lot of work.

I'm proud of what we put together and I believe Allen feels the same way. I wish we had thought of it sooner though, because we had to rush it out to make sure we got it out before Tuesday's opener. With more time I think some things would have been added or been done differently, but I'm still happy with this final product.

With that said, to download the season preview click on the following link:

I hope everyone enjoys it. Thanks for your support.