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No pain during Beckett workout

Josh Beckett made 35 throws today from 60 and 75 feet without pain:

"The main thing is there was no discomfort and no restrictions," Farrell said. "His arm action and follow through, at least on flat ground was normal.

Tomorrow he'll go back to 90 feet. Then on Tuesday we would look to get back his normal long-toss activity, pre-bullpen and finish up with some flat ground work before we go to the mound which would be on Thursday. That's a tentative plan right now. Any time frame for games is probably a little too early to tell."

Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell said it's unlikely Beckett will accompany the rest of the team in Japan. Farrell added it'd be "too aggressive" for Beckett to start one of the two games in Oakland.

I can't really see Beckett being himself until mid-way through April or even May. That is assuming he's pitching within the first or second week of the season. This is a huge blow to the Sox but they should be able to manage without him at the top of their rotation. We're going to have to put a little more weight on Bartolo Colon's shoulders in the meantime (no pun intended).