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Sox Thoughts: What is going on in Ft. Myers?

Now that my mind is being unkinked thanks to spring break on my heals, I've had more time to think about the Red Sox. Here are some things I've been thinking about with a clearer mind now:

  • Let's start with our starting pitching dilemma. Josh Beckett is hurtin', Daisuke Matsuzaka is babyin' and who knows what is coming after that? My vote to start in Japan: Tim Wakefield. No JB, no Dice-K, and no Schill means Wake's the next in line. There's no doubt in my mind that Wakefield deserves it and would do a good job.
  • Speaking of Japan, does anyone else think it's weird that the Red Sox's sacred opening day is going to be in Japan? I still can't quite grasp the concept. It just won't feel like opening day.
  • I don't think it'll be too long before we know for sure who will backup Jason Varitek this season now that Doug Mirabelli has been released. I think Kevin Cash is a great possibility, but perhaps trading Coco Crisp could net us an appropriate backup.
  • I'm sad about the release of Mirabelli. This means no more "Dougie Going Deep" jokes. Ahh, the end of an era.
  • David Aardsma is looking great so far this spring: 5.2 IP, 2 ER and 8 SO. He'll be a strong addition to the middle of the bullpen. I can see him subbing in for the set-up role at times as well.
  • Relief pitching always brings me back to Javier Lopez. There's no doubt he'll make the team. I'm fine with that as long he effectively pitches against lefties -- we all know he didn't do that last year.
  • The Red Sox seem to be trying to get a real good look at Jed Lowrie this spring. His .086 BA doesn't look so sweet through 35 at-bats. Dustin Pedroia syndrome, anyone?
  • Curt Schilling was put on the 60-day disabled list by the Red Sox today. It's a shame Schilling has been plagued with this injury. I have a lot of respect for Schilling and I know this is killing him to be sitting on the sidelines.
  • I've been throwing around this crazy idea, so bare with me. If the Sox continue to see their starting pitching injured and/or struggle, what are the chances the Sox try and trade for John Smoltz near the trade deadline? He could be a hot commodity if the Braves fall out of the race early. Smoltz has made it clear that he wants to win. That's all he wants this season. He'd fit really nicely into the Sox's starting rotation. But hey, I'm just throwing out ideas here...
  • Bartolo Colon hit 93 on the gun today in his debut as a Red Sox. That is fan-freakin'-tastic. If he can consistently stay around that number then he could start the season in the Red Sox rotation. I'm really rooting for Colon. He's got the skills, so now let's see if he has the desire.
  • Just 12 more days until opening day. Get excited everyone.