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The Great Crisp Giveaway?

HT: to Dan Pesce for breaking this one first in the diaries.

According to WFAN, Coco may be traded to the Mets with the Mets sending Angel Pagan to Boston. I have to speculate at this point that the disgruntled but diplomatic Crisp we've seen in interviews is not the Coco that the FO has seen behind closed doors. Consider me not pleased if this one goes down, because describing Angel Pagan as a poor man's Crisp could be considered charitable. Unconfirmed, as of yet.


Yanks-Rays Ejections!

Keep in mind, this all started with a clean but possibly too energetic collision at the plate that resulted in an injury to a Yankees' C prospect. Nonetheless, Joe Girardi was outspoken in denouncing the hard-nosed play by the Rays, deeming it "uncalled for in a spring game". I wonder what he'll say about Shelly Duncan attempting to spike Akinori Iwamura on his slide into second base that set off the ejections today.